Why do people buy homes?

There are many reasons why people decide to purchase a home. There is the practical side – the tax deduction, need for more space, difficulty renting with pets, location to school/ work. This only necessitates the need to purchase, but how they decide WHICH home to buy is more of an emotional reason. People start imagining how their furniture will fit in the space. They can picture themselves sharing a glass of wine on the patio, or cooking meals for their family and friends in the spacious kitchen. They can see their kids playing in the yard, or taking walks down the street with their pups.

This sort of emotional daydreaming starts when they first see pictures of the home. They don’t even have to step foot in the house before they are planning where to put the couch, or which room would make a great home office. They fall in love with the pictures. By the time they schedule a showing, they have mostly made up their mind.

Even in this sellers’ market that we are in today, real estate photos are more important than ever. They can mean the difference between dropping the price of the home, or getting $50,000 over asking price with heavy interest. Buyers can’t afford to waste time looking at homes that they are only mildly interested in. When the listing first hits the market, it may be your only chance to pique their interest. Buyers need to move quickly and make sure that they are spending their time wisely. They aren’t interested in driving across town to see a house that they aren’t in love with because the pictures were dark or blurry or only showed the current owner’s furnishings and not the features of the home.

Buyers are looking at the most recent listings. They know that the market is so picked over, that anything that has been sitting for more than a few weeks must be overpriced or have issues. You have one chance to get it right – so it is most important that you hire a professional real estate photographer for this first impression. Let us show you how we can make your listings SHINE!

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